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WOT Web-of-Trust Blog

Die folgenden Nachrichten stammen aus externen Quellen und entsprechen nicht zwangsläufig unserer Meinung.

  • WOT is celebrating 100.000.000 downloads!

    We are gladly announcing that WOT reached the milestone of 100 million downloads. Last fall we were reaching 50 million downloads, so we managed to double them within a year. The credit for this achievement goes to all of you who support and trust us. Without you all we wouldn’t be getting such a great number as 1.6M ratings per month or over million new sites rated to our database .


    Last year was also full of new adventures for WOT - we introduced our new version of our service and at the same time we came closer to your mobile devices by cooperating with Opera for the Coast by Opera browser for the iPad. Of course, our hard work doesn’t stop here. We are aiming at the top: to become the highest quality website review and reputation service and for this, we are asking your help.

    At a time when website security is questionable and new malicious websites pop out every day, WOT with its crowd-sourced approach tries to fight this by working with its strong community. WOT differs on the fact that it can detect threats which only humans can find (such as scam or fraudulent webstores). WOT community is about people who share the same vision with us, they all want to make internet a better place. Such a round number of downloads is also a great opportunity to get to know our community members closer and get to know their motivations for using WOT.

    What I like most in WOT is that it is crowd-sourced. It allows end-users to protect themselves by reporting activity, both good and bad, that they encounter on their daily journey on the Internet.” - GURBL

    I was pleased that it draws from several databases which it considers "trusted sources" to weight the scores. I was surprised that it had solved crowd-sourcing fakery by determining members' own reliability. And it didn't bog down my browsers. OK, that's cool. Volunteers? No money under the table? A global forum with rules of mutual respect? I'm in”. - Greg Lauver

    To celebrate this great achievement, we are going to give away 10 unique WOT mousepads to 10 lucky users. In order to participate in the draw, you only have to leave a comment under this post until the end of the month (30/11/2013). The winners will be announced on our blog on December 3rd.

    Thank you for helping us in our fight to make the internet a better place and thanks for your trust to us.

  • New category selector
    One of the biggest changes in the new WOT is the “Categories” feature, which gives the user the opportunity to define more accurately his experience with a website. Based on our observation, on how users choose the categories, we decided to simplify the category selection. Since our goal is to make things easier for you, we came up with an update to our service.

    From now on, you don’t have to answer with “YES” or “NO” to each category, just tick on the check box on the category or categories you think fit your experience the best. In addition to select categories you can also disagree with other people opinions. The new update will be deployed in the scorecard tomorrow and is soon expected to the browsers’ add-on as well. Enjoy the new feature and don’t forget to choose your categories carefully and unbiased based on your personal experiences with your website.

    Image Image Image


  • Beware of the lottery scams

    The other day we received a Lottery scam email, purporting to come from BBC. The email contained a document telling us that our email account won 500.000 GBP in a charity Bonanza and the sender claimed that the email address was taken from a Database of Internet Users – which naturally does not exist. But let’s take a look at the email.


    First of all, the document itself looks quite official since it mentions BBC and National Lottery names in multiple places. It also includes a link to the official website of BBC and provides a signature of the sponsor of the lottery in the bottom of the document (fake signature naturally, but anyway).

    But then, what are the things that made the email it suspicious? First of all, we were asked to fill in a form with our personal details including bank account number and a passport photograph. Definitely a phishing attempt. Never ever give your bank account details in an email!

    Then, the name of the sender of the email is bbcdraw123 and then instead of an official address, the email comes from the domain ( Of course, no official organization has this kind of serial numbers as email names, and the domain should be the organization itself and not a general free email domain. Remember to be cautious when you see ‘official’ emails coming from popular domain servers instead of the organization (,,

    BBC is already aware of this scam and informs people in its website how to protect of these kind of lottery scams. BBC is not in any connection with this scam, but the scammer uses the term BBC Lottery in order to deceive internet user. On the top of all, BBC is not a lottery company, but a broadcasting company who cooperates with the National Lottery.

    This is only one example out of the hundreds or even thousands scam emails that that are spread daily. Keep in mind that it is impossible to win in a lottery that you never participated into thus avoid falling into this kind of trap.

    You can see the email attachment image in better quality on our Flickr page.

  • Recent changes on the order of the user comments

    Comments play an important role when a user is trying to make an informed decision about whether to enter a site or not. To ensure users are able to find the most relevant comments when reading user reviews, we decided to improve the way comments are presented.

    So far, the order of the comments on the scorecard has been determined by the amount of user votes i.e. the more upvotes minus down votes the comment had, the higher-up it was displayed. To improve the relevance of the comments and to ensure that they support the user ratings and selected categories, there are now multiple factors impacting the priority and order of the comments such as up/down votes, the time when the comment was posted, the comment’s length and some other internal signals important to determine the relevance of the comment. Hence, it might happen that a comment with the highest number of upvotes is not displayed on the top. But voting up and down is still highly recommended and it will be taken into account when recalculating the order of the comments. Image

    We encourage everyone to write a comment when rating a site. By submitting comments you can help other people to come to an informed decision whether to trust a site or not. And if you haven't familiarized yourself with the community guidelines, have a look at them. They provide you with a good guidance on how to make a review.

  • The new WOT is now available for Chrome and Safari

    For those of you who haven’t noticed it yet, the new WOT is available for Chrome and Safari users. The users who already have WOT installed in their Chrome or Safari browsers, will get their update automatically. For the rest of you, the new versions are available for download on our homepage , from Chrome web store and from Safari΄s extension gallery .Image

    The feedback from the users that have already familiarized themselves with the new version has been mostly positive:

    Well done. WOT has taken an important step in transparency and comprehensibility. Attribute descriptions are more understandable. In my mind, new and infrequent raters' input will be more reliable because they will better understand what they are rating. The clearer the question, the more useful the answer”.

    Even though it came as a bit of a surprise to others:

    “ I like the new look...caught me off guard at first, but like the fact we can select several categories...maybe as a future improvement allow a comment under each selection to better inform the users why it falls under scam, or why it is not safe for children etc.”

    The new WOT comes with a redesigned rating window and greater transparency into the reasons behind the website reputation. Learn more about the improvements

  • WOT developer interview

    October 18th in 2005, so almost 8 years ago, Sami and Timo got the initial idea of WOT. These two post-graduate students at Tampere University of Technology dreamed of a tool that would help people to find trustworthy sites from the myriad of unknown and potentially dangerous websites. Then, an idea of a system where people could share their real-life experiences of different websites, so that other users could benefit and find sites they can trust, was born. In 2006 the company was founded and the rest is history.

    Take a sneak peek behind the scenes and read the recent interview made by Opera.

  • WOT goes mobile with Coast by Opera for iPad

    On Monday Opera announced a new browser for the iPad, called the Coast by Opera. “The idea behind Coast is to remove most of the complexities – and often unnecessary user interface elements – of today’s browsers”, says Huib Kleinhout, the head of the Coast project in a TechCrunch interview. In addition to smooth design, the Coast team put a lot of emphasis on keeping the users safe and decided to partner with WOT in order to warn users about potential online threats and issues.


    Practically, Coast by Opera has a safety rating for all websites. Users can access the rating at any time and it will be shown automatically when a user is trying to visit a suspicious site. Warning includes a ‘Safety’ button that provides more detailed information in three sections: ‘Encryption’, ‘Reputation’ and ‘Trust’. Reputation information is based on WOT’s reputation data and shows the website rating for ‘Trustworthiness’, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Vendor reliability’ with a link to WOT scorecard.

    Coast by Opera browser doesn’t prevent the user from entering a site and the decision about whether to visit the site or not is left for the user.

    “We are very excited about our first step into mobile devices, especially with a partner who puts a strong emphasis on user safety. We hope all Opera and WOT users share our excitement and welcome the new browser. “ says Markus Suomi, CEO of WOT.

    Read more about WOT and Opera collaboration in The Verge and Softonic.


  • The new WOT improves the transparency in user ratings

    The new WOT is now released and will be gradually updated to all WOT users with Chrome, Firefox or Chromium-based browsers. Safari version is coming out soon. The new WOT comes with multiple nice improvements and I encourage everyone to read the highlights . I would also like to elaborate a bit more on our thinking behind the new features.


    The mission of WOT is to make Internet both safer and more relevant to our users and business partners. The way we accomplish this goal is by providing them unique information about the websites. The notion of "website" is not only the physical website but also the organisations and individuals behind them. We seek to help both individuals and organisations to decide if they should engage with a certain website and if they decide to do so, what should they know. In a way we want to be a "Trusted Guide" for people navigating the Internet.

    While the goal is relatively simple there’s quite a bit of complexity in implementation - different individuals and businesses have different criteria for deciding if they are willing to engage with a website. Most people would agree it's a bad idea to purchase a ticket to the Olympics game from a suspicious ticket office that may sell you an invalid ticket. However if we think about tracking of people's surfing behavior for the purpose of targeting advertising we start to see differences in opinions. Some people are willing to accept that as a price of free Internet services and more relevant ads while some people find the whole concept of 3rd party tracking totally unacceptable. Thus it's not always easy to provide a simple "Trustworthy" or "Untrustworthy" rating for a website. In the new WOT we have focused on new ways of providing people with useful information that will help them in deciding whether to trust a site or not.

    The key theme in new WOT is improved transparency. We wanted to add more depth to the Trustworthiness rating score by adding a new concept of "Categories" and further developing the commenting feature. Categories and comments help WOT users, and also web site owners, to better understand reasons why a website have a certain Trustworthiness rating. That enables users to then decide for themselves if the benefits of using the website outweigh the potential risks or issues.

    In the first phase the new "Categories" feature is focusing more on the potential issues and risks related to the website. Based on the feedback, users of WOT wanted to first and foremost understand better the reasons for a website having a bad reputation. It's partially driven by the need of more information to make that personal decision regarding the site, but there is also an expectation that if someone is rating a website ‘Untrustworthy’ then they should also make an effort to explain the reason. It's a matter of fair assessment of the site and ability for the site owner to engage in dialogue with the people who have rated the site.

    "User comments" is not a new feature but we have implemented a number of improvements to make it easier to both write and read the comments. Comments serve the same purpose as the new "Categories" feature in adding depth to the ratings, again especially for the sites that are rated Untrustworthy. Well-written comments provide details and evidence on the potential issues and risks and help users to make personal decision about whether to visit a site or not. In the absence of well-written comments some users may be prone to disregard the site rating especially if they do not agree with it.

    You can expect to see further advances with the key themes described above in the upcoming releases. A new theme that we will introduce in the near future aims to further increase the participation of WOT community to rate the websites. We believe more opinions means better coverage of the websites and more insightful observations about them – and a safer Internet for everyone!

    Markus, CEO
  • The new WOT is coming out soon!

    Some of you have already experienced the taste of the new WOT, either in the form of the new scorecard or even the new add-on. As each browser has a different approval method, some browser versions may take a little more time than the others to be updated. For the time being, Opera Next version is being updated to all its users and Firefox and Chrome users will get their update in the upcoming days. users as well as some of the beta testers got their update yesterday.

    Those Firefox and Opera Next users who cannot wait for the automatic update can download the new version from our homepage!

    The new WOT comes with multiple improvements – if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the news, you may want to read our earlier blog post . Most of the improvements mentioned there concern both the scorecard as well as the rating window.

    Please be patient, the new WOT is coming.

  • The New WOT Beta Now Available also for Firefox

    Great news to all Firefox users; the beta version of the new WOT has been launched!

    The initial version will be similar to the Chrome version that was launched in June, missing only the commenting feature on the rating window. But do not worry, this feature will be added very soon.

    If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the new WOT yet, you can find all nitty-gritty details. We have received lots of valuable feedback earlier from Chrome users, and now we hope Firefox users will help us develop this version to the next stage. Take a test drive and spend a few minutes to share your experiences. Your feedback is highly appreciated!


    Below you can find detailed information on how to download and install the beta version to your Firefox browser. Beta version is currently available only in English.

    After downloading the beta version open Firefox and then:

    If you already have a stable version of WOT disable it. Right click on the WOT add-on next to the URL bar and tick on the “Enabled” option. Restart the browser.

    1. Drag-and-drop the add-on file to Firefox.
    2. Select the add-on and “Install now” to the warning that will appear.
    3. Enable the add-on. Go to tools --> Extensions --> WOT add-on --> Enable.
    4. Restart the browser once again. In case you don’t see the rating, make sure that the add-on is enabled by right clicking on the WOT icon and see if the “Enabled” option is ticked.
    5. You are now ready to test the new add-on.
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